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Drug Rehab San Joaquin County CA

San Joaquin County Drug Rehab Programs

Detox Centers in San Joaquin County Resources As the northernmost county in the Central Valley, San Joaquin bridges northern and central California. Its geographical position places the county within a dynamic growth corridor for business and industry. San Joaquin County comprises the Stockton–Lodi–Tracy metropolitan statistical area within the regional San Jose–San Francisco–Oakland combined statistical area. San Joaquin County offers good commuting options to and from the Bay Area plus affordable housing, and high quality of life. It’s easy to see how San Joaquin County is an ideal place to grow a business and have a family life. Unfortunately, there has been a heartbreaking upward trend in San Joaquin County, with 32 overdose deaths reported during the FY 2019-2020. According to the Manteca Bulletin, San Joaquin County has one of California’s highest death rates from opioid overdoses. It had 2½ times the rate of Sacramento County in 2017. [1] While fentanyl and other synthetic opioids are used in prescription drugs, opiates are increasingly being illegally manufactured and distributed alongside—or mixed with—illegal drugs like heroin. Many opioid-related deaths involve more than one type of drug. Exposure to even small amounts can cause an overdose and death. It can kill in a matter of minutes.…