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Hanover Rehab Center

East Hanover Rehab Treatment for Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Drug Rehab Hanover NJ resources East Hanover Township is a township in Morris County, New Jersey. It is located against the Whippany River and Passaic River in Morris County, New Jersey; East Hanover represents the state’s idyllic slice of life. Hanover Township was officially created and named after the British King George I, then the ruler of the American colonies. King George was part of the German dynastic House of Hanover. The Township of East Hanover covers an area of 8.2 square miles. East Hanover is proud of such major corporations as Novartis and Nabisco and more than 2100 other business enterprises operating in industrial parks, contemporary office complexes, and retail stores. Despite being one of the smallest towns in New Jersey, residents of East Hanover homes enjoy some of the best quality of life in the entire region. East Hanover is a white-collar town, with most individuals working in sales, offices, professional positions, and management occupations. East Hanover residents work more in math and computers than 95% of the rest of the country. This likely is due to 39.94% of adults in East Hanover owning at least a bachelor’s degree, nearly twice the national average. Nonetheless, underneath the facade of this…