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Intervention for Addiction

How to Intervention Drug Addiction

What is an Intervention? An intervention for addiction is an organized confrontation with a loved one about their drug or alcohol abuse. It can involve anyone (family, friends, coworkers) who has a relationship with the person struggling. They then use the opportunity to express how the person’s addiction has affected them. An intervention is not a form of addiction treatment but often a means of persuading a drug or alcohol addict to seek treatment from a rehab facility.  These are emotionally charged affairs that can be difficult for the addicted person and those who staged the intervention for addiction. Interventions are typically reserved as a last-ditch effort to motivate someone to seek treatment. They are not restricted to drug and alcohol addicts, and intentions can be used to confront a person about any debilitating behavior. A substance use disorder is a medical illness characterized by clinically significant impairments in health, social function, and voluntary control over substance use. “The good news is that a spectrum of effective strategies and services are available to identify, treat, and manage substance use problems and substance use disorders.” Research shows that the most effective way to help someone with a substance use problem who may be…