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Rehab in Princeton NJ

Alcohol Rehab Princeton NJ

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Princeton NJ Resources Princeton is a municipality with a borough form of government in Mercer County, New Jersey. Centrally located within the Raritan Valley region, Princeton is a regional commercial hub for the Central New Jersey region and a commuter town in the New York metropolitan area. Princeton is one of the most scenic and beautiful tourist destinations, offering various cultural, historical, and natural attractions to explore. The town is most famous for Princeton University, founded in 1746 as The College of New Jersey. Unfortunately, the United States is experiencing a growing epidemic of Opioid overuse as more opioid pain medications are being approved for use by FDA. Tolerance for opioids leads to behavior that seeks a higher and more potent dose of narcotics. It eventually makes an individual overuse, abuse, and then switch to Heroin addiction because it is cheaper than prescription pain medications and readily available. In New Jersey, an Opioid Antidote and Overdose Prevention Act was passed to protect healthcare professionals from civil and criminal liability for prescribing and dispensing naloxone, the antidote for opiate overdose, and to provide immunity from civil and criminal liability for people who administer it to save a life. Affordable Care Act also provides coverage for substance abuse…