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u 47700 overdose

U-47700 (Pink Heroin)

What Is U-47700? After a simple search online, Ryan Ainsworth and Grant Seaver ordered a bag of U-47700, a.k.a. “pink.” The powder arrived from Shanghai at their friend’s house, as planned. What happened next was not planned. The two 13-year-old best friends shared many hobbies. From skiing to biking, to skateboarding, they did everything together. This new “hobby” they tried together would prove fatal. Ryan and Grant died within 48 hours of each other, both due to acute drug intoxication. When the boys ordered the drug, it was legal to own in the United States, but with pink death tolls mounting, officials are moving to change this status. The “DEA has filed to have U-47700 listed as a banned substance, but that order hasn’t gone into effect yet.” U-47700 is an addictive synthetic opioid. It was originally developed by a chemist at the Upjohn Company as part of research efforts to create new and improved painkillers. It is derived from morphine – but about eight times stronger – and the Food and Drug Administration never approved it for human use. And, as the two boys tragically discovered, pink is potentially lethal upon contact through skin or inhalation. After decades of…