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understanding co occurring disorders

Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

What Are Co-Occurring Disorders? When a person is diagnosed with both a mental illness and a substance use disorder, they are said to have co-occurring disorders. Though the disorders can exist separately from one another, when they coexist in the same person, they usually cause the symptoms of both disorders to be amplified. It is common for a person with co-occurring disorders to have more severe symptoms than a person with only one of the disorders. Co-occurring disorders treatments are defined by the dual diagnosis of a mental health disorder and a substance use disorder in the same person. These diagnoses can be made at the same time, or they can be made one after the other, but the two disorders occur simultaneously in the same person. Co-Occurring Disorders Symptoms Only a mental health professional can diagnose a mental health or substance use disorder. However, knowing the common symptoms of co-occurring disorders may help an individual recognize when they need assistance. The symptoms of co-occurring disorders are similar to the symptoms of mental health and substance use disorders, but they occur in the same person. Those symptoms include: Using substances under unsafe conditions Losing control over substance use Developing a high tolerance to a substance or withdrawal symptoms Feeling…