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We Level Up Addiction & Mental Health centers were created to drive long-term recovery success outcomes. Embracing science-based treatment along with changing and improving therapy modalities. We believe in listening, learning, training, and educating both clients and our teams of professional caregivers. Empowering clients, client families, and alumni with the purpose to connect, grow and improve our lives.

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Providing you with a map back to your fullest most authentic potential so you can choose a dream without limitations.

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Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Level Up Treatment is a multi-faceted drug and alcohol treatment program that uses a repertoire of methods to generate practical solutions to major drug/alcohol challenges targeted towards families and individuals.

We work to improve the health of the public and of individuals from a variety of angles. This includes constant research and innovation on substance abuse treatment models as paired with individuals and a conducive environment. Click below to learn more.

Mental Health Treatment

We Level Up treats mental health disorders from Depression to Anxiety, Trauma, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Bipolar, Borderline Personality, Obsessive Compulsive, Psychosis, Drug, Alcohol Addiction & most other conditions. We Level Up is a world-class leader with highly trained & well-qualified behavioral health specialists. Providing advanced evidence-based treatment therapies. Offering a complex level of mental health treatment care via residential inpatient recovery programs.

Medically Assisted Detox Treatment

A progressive detox treatment program can represent a fresh start in life and the foundation for a successful recovery.  We Level Up detox treatment utilizes the latest evidence-based resources to make the detoxification process as safe, comfortable, and effective as possible.

Instead of adhering to an outdated abstinence model, we offer medication-assisted detox to help relieve withdrawal symptoms, giving our clients an optimal chance at success.  With a staff of experts to provide encouragement and motivation, our clients benefit from the very best in detox treatment.

Alcohol Detox: Alcohol detox allows the body to eliminate the presence of all alcohol in the body and return to its usual way of functioning.

Benzo Detox: Chronic benzo abuse can lead to dependence and addiction. This is one of the most dangerous drugs to withdrawal from, making medically professional benzo detox essential.

Cocaine Detox: The severe cravings and mental dependency that cocaine users develop mean that discontinuing use requires a detox period. The cocaine detox process would help you struggling these symptoms.

Heroin Detox: Detoxing at home can be dangerous because withdrawal from heroin is very stressful, and may cause nausea, muscle and joint pain, fever, chills, depression & anxiety caused by the anticipated sickness, try our Heroin Detox Program.

Methadone Detox: Methadone detox and addiction treatment programs can help ensure a safe withdrawal process.

Methanphetamine Detox: Methamphetamine detox might not be easy, but the benefits of overcoming meth addiction far outweigh the temporary negative side effects of detoxing.

Opiate Detox: An opioid detox program is used to treat individuals who are struggling with opioid addiction and meet the diagnostic criteria for substance use disorder.