Nationally Recognized Addiction Rehab Detox Dual Diagnosis Treatment

We’re passionate about providing the best care and treatment options for clients and their families. Our treatment team is dedicated to giving each and every client the best chance for recovery. We know that finding a trusted addiction and mental health rehabilitation center is a critical part of finding the best treatment options. A great way to weed through to uncover the best recovery programs should include finding accredited organizations like We Level Up.

We Level Up rehab center has already undergone a third-party review for its high-quality medical services. When choosing We Level Up rehab, you’ll find an accredited JCAHO rehab center. With some due diligence, you can now rest assured you’ve selected an accredited treatment provider that met Joint Commission Gold Seal Approval and passed its assessment.

First-class Addiction & Mental Health

First-class Addiction & Mental Health Rehabilitation Treatment Centers

We Level Up is a Renowned Addiction Rehab Program with Integrated Behavioral Dual-Diagnosis Treatment.

Offering residential inpatient addiction programs plus co-occuring and mental health treatment. Programs, services, and treatments vary. Call to learn about your selected treatment center.

Proven recovery success experience, backed by a Team w/ History of:

15+ Years Experience

100s of 5-Star Reviews

10K+ Recovery Successes

Low Patient to Therapist Ratio

We work with most Insurance companies! Call for a no-obligation insurance check. Simply fill out the check insurance form for a no-hassle verification of your benefits without any obligation – ever!

You’ll get answers about your specific addiction rehab insurance coverage without anyone knowing that you even inquired. Your no-commitment rehab insurance check is private and confidential.

We Level Up accommodates cryptocurrencies addiction rehab treatment payments and provides affordable private-pay monthly payment plan options.

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We accept most rehab insurance coverage including well-known carriers like these & many more.


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We Level Up Treatment Center addiction rehab and mental health hotline specialists are ready 24 hours 7 days a week, to help with any questions you have about alcohol, drug addiction, detox rehab along with co-occurring behavioral health treatment. There’s never any obligation and we’ll give you or your loved one the critical answers you deserve to get on the road to real recovery.


5-Star Verified Rehab Detox Reviews

JCAHO — Joint Commission National Quality Center Approval Gold Seal Recipient

Top-rated We Level Up Primary Treatment Center Facility

We Level Up Addiction Detox Rehab, participates and allows unannounced JCAHO surveyors to physically inspect its facilities to ensure compliance and adherence to the highest quality healthcare standards. Additionally, random patients are selected and their treatment records inspected closely and thoroughly. Surveyors will also talk to the patient and any healthcare team members who interacted with them. Only where the surveyors find the center meets its high standards and guidelines, it can be accredited after an in-person review. But, that’s not the end of the process. Every three months, all accredited centers must submit data to the Joint Commission regarding their treatment process. That information is then captured on JCAHO’s, Quality Check program.

Clients receive recovery care in an inspiring, peaceful relaxing setting away from everyday stress.  We Level Up drug and alcohol addiction rehab detox centers offer rich holistic treatment programs including:

  • Yoga
  • Massage
  • Art Therpay
  • Sound Therapy
  • Recreational Therapy
  • One-on-one Therapy
  • Group / Gender / Family Therapy
  • Serene Setting for recovery
  • Free Alumni and client family resources
  • Comfortable updated facility & lodging

We know that co-occurring secondary dual-diagnosis treatment is critical for recovery success. Integrated treatment can improve client treatment recovery outcomes greatly. For many suffering from addiction and related mental health problems, underlying co-occurring corresponding illnesses trigger addictive behaviors. Clients suffering from addiction often self-medicate their emotional pain through drug and alcohol abuse. The emotional pain from secondary behavioral disorders like trauma, depression, or anxiety becomes too much for some. Triggering frequent and persistent drug and alcohol abuse. That’s why truly comprehensive and holistic programs will treat the co-occurring secondary underlying mental health issues causing the addictive behaviors often seen in treatment. That’s why our addiction rehab detox and mental health specialists follow evidence-based best practices allowing for improved recovery success following dual track treatment models.

Educating, identifying, and training clients with tools to succeed long-term is a critical aspect of our addiction and mental health programs. We Level Up offers evidence-based therapy programs to engage clients in treatment, provide incentives to remain abstinent, and help clients modify and improve their attitudes and behaviors. While increasing their life skills to handle stressful situations and environmental cues that may trigger cravings to relapse and use.

We employ truly attentive staff that really care for our client’s recovery success. Your trained team members work around the clock to ensure your safety, comfort, participation, and connection to both your peer community and treatment therapists. You’ll be cared for by Addiction Detox Rehab medical doctors, nurses, therapists, and techs. Each trained specialist is dedicated to your recovery success. We employ continuous management and staff training to enhance the patient experience, driving for improved client satisfaction and recovery success.

  • Fully Licensed & Accredited
  • Most Insurance Acceted
  • 100% Confidential & Private
  • Long Term Residential Inpatient Programs including
    • Addiction Rehab
    • Medical Detox
    • Dual Diagnosis or
    • Primary Mental Health
  • Free no obligation consultations with 24/7/365 Help Line

Come see for yourself why we the right choice for your care and long-term recovery. Take a tour of our inpatient residential treatment centers and outpatient programs. Your Addiction Detox Rehab and mental health recovery journey to sobriety and beyond can start here. Now.

You don’t have to listen to us. Watch actual alumni videos detailing their recovery experience at We Level Up addiction rehab. Picture yourself joining the ranks of other client successes. You can do it too.

We Level Up Admission Process

While we’re already aiming to add rehab centers in NJ, TX, WA, and other locations, our popular primary facilities have limited vacancies. Please reach out for help. Always know our current programs are ready to help you and your loved ones today. We’ll be looking to better support you with new treatment rehab centers expansion in new local areas soon.

Call today for your free Addiction, Medical Detox Treatment, and Mental Health Treatment Center assessments. We Level Up operates multiple facilities and will work to accommodate emergency intake and admissions. We believe strongly and urge Family involvement and offer free family support services for clients.

We Level Up treatment center addiction rehab programs offer a nationally renowned reputation for top-notch quality care. Providing cutting-edge co-occurring treatment with exceptional and trained therapists. We’re committed to delivering long term science-based best practices modalities including:

  1. Individualized Assessment and Treatment Matching
  2. Comprehensive, Integrated Treatment Approach
  3. Ongoing continuing care for alumni and their families
  4. Dignified, Respectful and Sage Environment
  5. Family involvement in treatment process
  6. Engage and help clients stay receptive to treating
  7. Evidence-based and Evidence-informed Practices
  8. Qualified Staff, Ongoing Training, with Staff Supervision
  9. Personalized Approaches that Include Specialized Populations
  10. External Accreditation from Nationally Recognized Quality Monitoring Agency  

Our hotline is available 24/7 to assist you and your loved ones. Call Now!

Our team is here to answer any questions you may have about addiction and recovery. We can help get you or your loved one the addiction treatment they need.

We Level Up addiction rehab center has crafted a peaceful refuge with powerful evidence-based treatment for those suffering from addiction and mental health problems. Here, you can step away from it all, focus on yourself, and truly begin to heal from addiction and underlying mental health issues.

We Level Up Treatment Center offers unique scenic, tranquil and comfortable recovery facilities.