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The Harmful Effects of Chronic Stress

The Harmful Effects of Chronic Stress. In this article, we will learn what causes this severe type of stress, the symptoms, and how it can affect each system. We will take a look at different ways we can avoid or receive help for chronic stress. 

BPD and Relationships

BPD and Relationships Borderline Personality Disorder, more commonly called BPD, is a well-known mental health disorder. BPD is a condition that affects others around you just as much as it, does you.

Holiday Depression

Is It Normal to Experience Sadness During the Holiday Season or “Holiday Depression”? For many people across the world, the holiday season marks the most exciting time of the year, but this joy is not always universal. For many, the holidays can heighten feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and the well-known “Holiday Depression”. If you or a loved one falls into this category, you may be asking yourself whether it’s normal to feel sadness during the holiday season or whether something deeper is wrong. Holiday Blues “Holiday Depression” or “Holiday Blues” are both common terms. They describe feelings of sadness that hit from the middle of November until the first week of January. However, most mental health specialists do not recognize these terms. Instead, most professionals look at how this season can amplify underlying feelings of depression and anxiety. There is often an underlying trigger, and it is absolutely normal to experience sadness during the holidays. Celebrations and Family Celebrations with gifts and family are a source of joy for many. For others, the tradition of giving presents during this season can highlight financial difficulties. It can also amplify feelings of inadequacy and comparison. The focus on family can bring on…