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Sober Is Boring

Being Sober Is So Boring

Is Being Sober Boring? Why Do We Think That?  Overcoming an addiction to alcohol is one of the most commendable and challenging things that a person can do. The road to alcohol addiction recovery is not always easy. Recovery is something that you have to work on every single day, and it’s something that doesn’t get a day off. We’ve seen how much damage alcohol use disorder can do to a person, so it feels good when you can overcome alcohol addiction and cut alcohol out of your life. Sobriety and recovery often times are painted as being a boring lifestyle. We’ve often heard that being sober is so boring. Recovering alcoholics tend to fear the idea that they can’t enjoy life without alcohol. It’s a common fear that we all have when we start taking care of ourselves and putting down the alcoholism that started destruction in our lives. Why is being sober so boring? It’s a valid question, especially because many individuals find that not being sober is tons of fun, that drinking is the best way to enjoy yourself — or at the very least, to pass the time. Why Is Being Sober So Boring? While we will always urge…