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Thyroid Medication And Alcohol

Does Alcohol Affect Thyroid Levels?

What Exactly Is The Thyroid And What Does It Do? The thyroid is an endocrine gland. Its location is in the inferior, anterior neck, and it is responsible for the formation and secretion of the thyroid hormones as well as iodine homeostasis within the human body. The thyroid produces approximately 90% inactive thyroid hormone, or thyroxine (T4), and 10% active thyroid hormone, or triiodothyronine (T3). Inactive thyroid hormone is converted peripherally to either activated thyroid hormone or an alternative inactive thyroid hormone. [1] Does alcohol affect thyroid levels? Yes. Stay in this article to learn more. Globally, high-income countries of the developed world have the highest alcohol consumption, with 50.1% of the US population (adults over 18 years of age) being current regular drinkers. In contrast, findings from the Indian National Survey suggest that around 21% of adult males in the country are current drinkers. Yet, the apparent advantage in proportion is lost in the sheer number of population, as even a conservative estimate puts the number of alcohol users in the country at around 61 million, of whom around 10 million have alcohol dependence. In view of the magnitude of the problem, it becomes necessary for us to understand the…