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Treatment For Heroin Addiction

Is Heroin a Stimulant?

What is Heroin Made of? Heroin is an opioid drug produced from the substance morphine, which naturally occurs in the seed pods of different types of opium plants. This plant is the starting point for the creation of multiple narcotic substances: morphine, opium, codeine, and heroin. There are two major types of heroin currently sold on the streets today: white powder heroin and black tar heroin. The effects of heroin are very similar for both. Powder heroin is off-white in color and is the purer of the two types of heroin. Making powdered heroin involves refining heroin that has been processed to remove impurities. Black tar heroin is cheaper than other types of heroin because of its crude manufacturing process and its level of purity — most black tar heroin is estimated to only be 30-40% pure. Substances Used In Heroin It is extremely rare to find 100% pure heroin sold on the streets today. Most heroin sold will have at least a couple of different components used to make the drug. Poppy Plants All forms of heroin are made from opium poppy plants, and more specifically morphine, which is a substance derived from the seed pods of these plants.…