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    Top-rated We Level Up FL rehab inpatient addiction treatment detox center network

    We Level Up FL Rehab for Drug & Alcohol Addiction plus Dual Diagnosis Mental Health Treatment


    Top-rated FL Rehab for Drug, Alcohol Addiction, Detox & Mental Health treatment program in Lake Worth South Florida.

    Nationally Renowned We Level Up FL Rehab Center client testimonial:

    This place is absolutely amazing. My treatment was actually fun because of how well kept the place is. The staff is amazing. The food is good. And the beds are comfy. Miss V, Marvin, Anthony, Joe, Rachel, and Jay make the whole scary experience so much easier. Do not hesitate to go here to save your life. They make recovery so so much easier to approach. Go here if you’re ready for that step.” – Armend P.

    Searching for a top-rated “alcohol rehab Lake Worth Florida”, then you have arrived at the right place.

    Top rated addiction center gold seal award.
    We Level Up is a Top-rated FL rehab addiction center that’s earned the Joint Commission gold seal award.

    World-class Florida Rehab Center Treatment Programs

    Backed by Team w/ History of:

    10K+ Recovery Success Stories
    – 15+ Years of Treatment Success
    – Low Patient to Therapist Ratio
    – 100s of Verified 5-Star Reviews
    – Dual Diagnosis Mental Health Treatment

    * Florida rehab centers’ treatment services vary by location. Top-notch drug & alcohol rehab Lake Worth Florida programs. Please call to find out more.

    Get Help. Get Better. Get Your Life Back.

    Searching for an Accredited Drug, Alcohol or Mental Health Center Near You?

    Even if you have failed previously and relapsed, or are in the middle of a difficult crisis, we stand ready to support you. Our trusted behavioral health specialists will not give up on you. When you feel ready or just want someone to speak to about therapy alternatives to change your life call us. Even if we cannot assist you, we will lead you to wherever you can get support. There is no obligation. Call our hotline today.

    Free 24/7 confidential help about Treatment, Financial Assistance plus Valuable Guidance & Resources.

    Photo Gallery of We Level Up Rehabs in Florida

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    FL Rehab Detox Center We Level Up Lake Worth
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    FL Rehab Detox Center
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    FL Rehab Detox Center
    FL Rehab Detox Center

    Our Florida Rehabs offer Personalized Levels of Addiction & Detox Care along with dual diagnosis therapy programs

    As a top-rated FL rehab for alcohol rehab and detox coupled with dual diagnosis secondary mental health center treatment, We Level Up offers state-of-the-art facilities and lodgings. To enhance clients’ treatment experience comfortable quarters and treatment spaces plus amenities are provided. This private tranquil Florida rehab center is designed for client needs and recovery. The We Level Up Florida rehab centers offer landscaped grounds with outdoor meditation spaces. Come for a tour and see for yourself.

    We Level Up drug alcohol & mental health rehab centers with onsite medical detox & dual diagnosis treatment programs

    Get Your Life Back

    Find Hope & Recovery. Get Safe Comfortable Detox, Addiction Rehab & Dual Diagnosis Mental Health High-Quality Care.

    Premier Drug & Alcohol Lake Worth FL Rehab Center

    Address: 9935 Palomino Dr, Lake Worth, FL 33467

    Phone: (561)-257-5914

    Hours: 24/7

    What’s We Level Up Lake Worth South Florida Rehab Location Like?

    The We Level Up alcohol rehab Lake Worth Florida provides a complete intensive highest level of care program for addiction recovery.

    The residential FL rehab treatment offered at We Level Up is the highest and most effective level of treatment. Whether you are a family member or a client, you deserve help that works. We Level Up South Florida rehab centers offer comfortable, safe, and effective facilities to get better.

    First-class Treatment Centers, Therapy, Activities & Amenities

    World-class High-Quality Addiction & Mental Health Rehabilitation Treatment

    Rehab Centers Tour

    Renowned Behavioral Centers. Serene Private Facilities. Inpatient rehab programs vary.

    Addiction Helpline (844) 597-1011

    Proven recovery success experience, backed by a Team w/ History of:

    • 15+ Years Experience
    • 100s of 5-Star Reviews
    • 10K+ Recovery Successes
    • Low Patient to Therapist Ratio
    • Onsite Medical Detox Center
    • Comprehensive Dual-Diagnosis Treatment
    • Complimentary Family & Alumni Programs
    • Coaching, Recovery & Personal Development Events

    We Level Up Lake Worth FL Rehab Client Treatment Activities

    We Level Up Lake Worth FL rehab treatment center is well staffed with five full-time primary therapists, one family therapist and one family support specialist, three case managers, an assistant Clinical Director, and Clinical Director. Each client is assigned their primary therapist generally within 24 hours of admission and works directly with them.

    Clients in detox level of care focus on medical stability. They meet with medical and nursing staff daily several times throughout the day. Client medications pass happens four times daily when they sit with nursing staff and receive detox progress evaluation. Vitals are taken along with the provision of prescribed medications. Once clients are medically stable, they progress to the residential level of care. At this level of care, clients now see medical staff twice per week (unless required more often) and they are required to attend group therapy for addiction sessions.

    Client therapists are matched to each client based on their areas of expertise, training, and treatment modality. Clients are eligible for weekly individual therapy plus family session. Your family therapist will accommodate more sessions throughout the week if you agree and request additional involvement. The clinical group schedule runs daily from 9 am – 3 pm and consists of gender-specific groups, medical education, psychodrama and experiential therapy, integration groups, family education, and caseload groups.

    Clients meet in a group setting twice per week with their primary therapist. Additionally, they meet in a caseload group where they can focus on more intimate and profound topics. Our case managers generally meet with clients within the first 24-48 hours and as needed. They specialize in handling employment, legal and financial issues such as paying bills. Holistic therapy programs are offered during the week from 3- 4 pm and may include guided meditation for addiction recovery, yoga for addiction recovery, breathwork, addiction treatment massage therapy, and reiki.

    We offer music therapy with as many as 4 hours of group sessions weekly. Art activities start during 3 – 4 pm as an ancillary activity to learn coping skills and train clients to apply art as a way to ground themselves, calm down and avoid triggers.

    Recovery coaches break down groups into beginner, advanced and gender-specific sessions. Vinny runs a group for the beginner clients, Anthony runs more advanced clients, and Sarah takes all females and goes through the Steps. The recovery coaches also spend one-on-one time with clients to review Step work while with us. Treatment programs, staff, activities, therapies plus other components of treatment are subject to change based on availability and best clinical practices.

    • Art Therapy
    • Aftercare Planning
    • Breakfast/Med Pass
    • Breathwork
    • Caseload groups – All therapists
    • Coping Skills
    • Dinner
    • Medical Education
    • Emotional De-Escalation
    • Evening Med Pass
    • Experiential
    • Family Dynamics
    • Gender Group
    • H&I – speakers
    • Lunch/Med Pass
    • Medical Education
    • Meditation
    • Morning Meditation
    • Music Therapy
    • Orientation Group
    • Psychodrama Part 1
    • Psychodrama Part 2
    • Recovery Coaches Beginner
    • Recovery Coaches Advanced
    • Recovery Coached Gender Specific
    • Recreation
    • Reiki
    • Self-Esteem
    • Treatment Integration
    • Yoga
    • Bass fishing at a freshwater pond on the property
    • Karaoke
    • Trivia
    • Volleyball
    • Basketball
    • Corn hole
    • Pool table
    • TV in each room with a wireless headset

    Florida Residential Detox

    The We Level Up medical staff has over fifty years of combined experience in substance abuse and mental health treatment. The medical director is an addiction treatment specialist and oversees and trains all medical staff. Clients benefit from an in-house full-time psychiatric ARNP and a full-time medical ARNP plus 24-hour friendly and welcoming nursing staff.  The monthly nutritional group is accommodated as needed for consults with a nutritionist.

    Privacy and comfort are paramount to the detox process, and we go to great lengths to reduce stress and anxiety levels. At Wel Level Up Lakeworth, Florida, facility, you’ll find peace in the tropical climate, with relaxing palm trees and blue skies to help clear your mind. Our rooms are designed for your comfort, and our facility includes space for recreation and wellness.

    As a comprehensive resource for medically-assisted detoxification, we are pleased to help you during your first steps toward recovery. We address dependence on prescription medications, street drugs, and alcohol using science-based techniques to manage withdrawal and encourage meaningful, long-lasting results.

    You’ll find comprehensive detox programs specifically designed for the client’s needs. We specialize in creating customized, individual programs exclusively designed to address the unique needs of the individuals we serve.

    Detox Programs Florida

    Florida Alcohol Detox Center

    Alcohol detox should not be administered lightly because the withdrawal may involve a lоt оf аgоnу аnd раіn.  For instance, if detox is done without medical detox supervision, the untrеаtеd аnd unmanaged ѕуmрtоmѕ саn bе lіfе-thrеаtеnіng.  The treatment process should not be hurried as each person’s symptoms subside at their rate because other complications may arise that need to be addressed.  Generally, inpatient comfortable alcohol detox ranges from 3-7 days before transition into the next level of care.

    Drug Detox in Florida

    Some addictions require a person to go to a comfortable medical detox clinic before entering a residential rehab program.  This is because the withdrawals from the drug they have an addiction to can make them physically ill and lead to severe withdrawal symptoms.  Also, knowing the facts about detox and what a person may experience while going through medical detox is essential.  It is highly advised that, if possible, you go to a detox center and don’t try to detox on your own.  It is best to be supervised by trained professionals in case medical problems occur.

    Florida Prescription Drugs Detox

    Prescription drugs are among the most commonly abused drugs in the US, especially painkillers (opioids) and benzodiazepines (anxiety meds). It can be difficult to identify early addiction to prescription drug symptoms. Daily routines and activities might not change at all. The person may seem completely normal at first. However, things ultimately begin to break, and signs start to show. When they do, the individual and loved ones mustn’t disregard the symptoms as something other than addiction. Read the article Prescription Drug Detox and learn more about this type of drug abuse.

    Opioid Detox Florida

    Opioid withdrawal symptoms are potentially life-threatening and manifest as a result of opioid dependence. Opioids or opiates are drugs that act in the nervous system prescribed to relieve pain. Opioid withdrawal occurs when a person dependent on opioids suddenly reduces or stops taking the pills. Trying to quit opioids “cold turkey” is difficult and dangerous to do on your own.  For safety, it is best to seek the help of medically-assisted opiate detox staff to overcome withdrawal symptoms safely and effectively. Visit the link Opioid Detox and safely recover from opioid withdrawal symptoms.

    Florida Meth Detox

    Methamphetamine is a street drug commonly known by the short form name “meth”. It is a highly addictive stimulant that affects the brain and can cause considerable health problems, resulting in potential death. Meth can cause addiction which may result in methamphetamine overdose in as little as one use in some users. The first step in confronting meth addiction is detox. Methamphetamine detox might not be easy, but the benefits of overcoming meth addiction far outweigh the adverse side effects of detox. Recovery is hard. Regret is harder.

    Cocaine Detox Center Florida

    Cocaine is a severely addictive stimulant drug made from the coca plant leaves. It increases the natural chemical messenger (dopamine) levels in brain circuits related to controlling movement and reward. No matter how much cocaine is taken, it is dangerous. Some of the most common serious problems include heart attack and stroke. Addiction recovery professionals recommend facing cocaine addiction with a long-term treatment plan that promotes positive decision-making and overall health improvements that include learning coping skills. 

    Heroin Detox Center Florida

    Heroin is an opioid drug made from morphine, a natural substance taken from the seed pod of the various opium poppy plants. Heroin is addictive, and there is a high risk of drug overdose and death from using it. Death from an opioid overdose happens when the drug depresses the parts of the brain that control breathing. Moreover, most heroin users will have a hard time escaping from the grips of these drugs, but it is possible, and there is hope. The best chance at recovery is through a heroin detox in a safe and trusted treatment facility. Learn more about the health effects of Heroin and visit the link Heroin detox.

    Benzos Detox Center Florida

    Benzodiazepine, or benzo’s, is a medication known as a tranquilizer. Unfortunately, the risks of benzodiazepine are more common than you may think. If left untreated, abusing these drugs can negatively impact relationships, career, and physical and emotional health. Heavy users of these drugs are more likely to end up in dangerous situations that put them at risk of being robbed, date raped, and worse. Sadly, benzodiazepines severely impact short-term memory, and users often cannot recall the details of the period of use. In addition, the most significant danger of using benzodiazepines and a reason to get into a benzodiazepine detox program is overdosing. If you or your loved one is abusing benzodiazepines, you should remember that they are very addictive.

    Start a New Life

    Begin with a free call to an addiction & behavioral health treatment advisor. Learn more about our dual-diagnosis programs. The We Level Up treatment center network delivers recovery programs that vary by each treatment facility. Call to learn more.

    >> Personalized Care

    >> Caring Accountable Staff

    >> World-class Amenities

    >> Licensed & Accredited

    >> Renowned w/ 100s 5-Star Reviews

    Rehab centers for alcohol & drug addiction

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    Therapy Programs & Activities

    Holistic Therapy / Music and Art Therapy

    Taking a holistic approach to addiction and mental health treatment is part of our program, ensuring clients are comfortable and surrounded by activities and amenities, leading to improved recovery.  We know treatment is best shaped through therapies for the mind, body, and spirit in conjunction with behavioral programs and medication, as needed.  Amenities and alternative holistic therapies offered through our programs may vary by location.

    Yoga Therapy for Addiction Recovery

    There are many physical and mental benefits of yoga for addiction recovery as well as social benefits. Yoga can help people in recovery learn how to calm themselves without using alcohol or drugs—combining mental and physical techniques best results in an individual’s emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Yoga is so helpful to a recovering addict’s mental health that a niche of treatment has been developed to teach yoga basics while in rehab. Yoga therapy offered through our programs may vary by location.

    Group Therapy for Addiction

    Group therapy for addiction is a form of psychotherapy in which a group of patients meets to describe and discuss their problems together under the supervision of a therapist. Group therapy for addiction is an effective approach to treating the underlying issues of substance use disorders. Even though you may find group counseling unnerving at first, sharing your experiences with others dealing with similar problems can help you stay clean and support your effort to create the life you deserve. It is a powerful tool for many people in recovery because it allows them to connect with others experiencing similar challenges. Enrolling in an alcohol and drug rehab program is an incredible accomplishment and a courageous step toward long-term recovery. 

    Meditation for Addiiction Recocerry

    Meditation is a generally safe exercise focusing on the mind-body connection to induce relaxation and serenity. It has been shown to improve physical and mental health. Mindfulness meditation for addiction recovery does not need to occur over time. Beginners can start meditating for a few minutes at a time and work up to longer sessions. You don’t have to be religious or spiritual to participate. The activity focuses on mindfulness, or awareness of present feelings, thoughts, physical sensations, and surroundings. Mindfulness also involves accepting feelings and thoughts as they are without judging or labeling them. 

    Addiction Treatment Massage

    Massage therapy helps individuals suffering from addiction to find alternative ways to relieve stress. Massage therapy is a popular form of relief and strengthens the immune system and elevates one’s overall sense of well-being. Massage therapy focuses on stimulating healing within the body while also encouraging the central nervous system to release feel-good hormones. Withdrawal and early treatment can create insomnia in many people. Massage therapy can help to ease the mind and encourage more sleep and better quality of sleep in many people.

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    The fundamental principle behind cognitive behavioral therapy for addiction treatment is that your thought patterns affect your emotions, which, in turn, can affect your behaviors. For example, CBT emphasizes how negative thoughts can lead to negative feelings and actions. But, if you reframe your thoughts more positively, it can lead to more positive emotions and helpful behaviors. The chief strength of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is that it not only helps the individual to overcome the symptoms of issues currently being experienced but also equips them with new skills and strategies which can be used with future difficulties or issues.

    Dialectical Behavior Therapy

    DBT incorporates four skills (mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance, and emotion regulation) intended to help individuals overcome their unhealthy behaviors and distressing thoughts. Each set of skills has unique characteristics that help clients better understand their emotions. In DBT, the client and therapist work to resolve the apparent contradiction between self-acceptance and change to bring about positive results in the individual in treatment. Part of dialectical behavior therapy for addiction treatment involves offering validation, which helps individuals become more likely to cooperate and less likely to experience distress at the notion of change.

    Solution Focused Therapy

    Solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT) is a new and increasingly used therapeutic approach that focuses on helping clients construct solutions rather than solve problems. There was strong evidence that solution-focused brief therapy was an effective treatment for various psychiatric disorders and substance use disorders. In treating substance abuse, a therapist using a solution-focused approach works closely with the client to understand the client’s own perspective on her problems; by focusing on those areas, the client considers significant (e.g., relationships, work, financial security). The therapist assists the client in understanding how her substance abuse affects those significant areas of concern. The therapist helps the client solve those significant problems while strongly reinforcing the client’s success. 

    12 Step Integration

    Offers an opportunity to apply the principles of the 12 steps addiction program into a format for living; challenges resistance to the 12-step model by focusing on the principles of “living well” as opposed to the self-help modality.

    Discharge Planning

    The facilitator helps the residents develop a discharge plan, create an aftercare plan, and have it in place when they complete treatment.

    Detox Near Me

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    Take a Guided Tour of FL Rehab & Addiction Treatment Centers

    The We Level Up FL rehab and treatment centers in South Florida offer some of the most comprehensive dual-diagnosis substance abuse & mental health treatment in the country. As one of the leading addiction rehabs in Florida, We Level Up applies Behavioral Health programs using best clinical practices. To hold the client treatment team accountable for adhering to the highest standards of drug & alcohol abuse treatment in Florida. Located in the tropical paradise of South Florida, We Level Up specializes in substance abuse treatment, detox programs to dual diagnosis mental health modalities for clients who deserve personalized treatment standards along with advanced clinical services. When seeking rehabs in Florida, consider We Level Up Lake Worth rehab center. Call to learn more.


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