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Fort Lauderdale Rehab in FL

We Level Up South Florida Fort Lauderdale Rehab

Fort Lauderdale Rehab

Dual Diagnosis Integrated Addiction & Mental Health Center

“If you wanna get serious about your recovery and want to be in a healthy and amazing environment I 10/10 recommend this place. All the staff there is amazing and the food is great! All your needs will be met. Special shout-out to Marvin, jay, Georgia, and joe for an amazing experience!” — Caleb Clobes

Fort Lauderdale Rehab Accredited Addiction Treatment Center
WeLevelUp Treatment Center Fort Lauderdale Rehab is a Gold Seal Recipient. A designation reserved for top-rated treatment centers

Renowned Co-occurring FL Fort Lauderdale Rehab Center offering:

  • Drug & Alcohol Detox
  • Drug & Alcohol Inpatient Residential Rehab
  • Integrated Dual-Diagnosis Mental Health Treatment
  • Stand-alone Primary Mental Health Inpatient Program
  • PHP, Outpatient / IOP, Day treatment & Teletherapy programs
  • Lifelong Free Alumni support, consultations and activities
  • Lifelong Free Client Family program and consultations

Backed by Team w/ History of:

– 10K+ Recovery Success Stories
– 15+ Years Treatment Success
– Low Patient to Therapist Ratio
– 100s of Verified 5-Star Reviews
– Dual Diagnosis Mental Health Treatment

Dual Diagnosis Mental Health, Drug & Alcohol Fort Launderdale Rehab Detox Center

Clients suffering from mental health pain often self-medicate that emotional pain by abusing drugs and alcohol. When these two conditions are both present they are referred to as dual diagnosis. Or co-occurring disorders. Clients with both mental health and addiction illnesses can be better treated in Dual diagnosis treatment centers. Dual-diagnosis centers are staffed with trained teams that know how to treat both illnesses together.

Treatment centers providing mental health and substance abuse services are specialized. They already understand that drug addiction might be a result of an underlying mental health issue. And incorporate this understanding in their drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment. Their specialists are well trained to identify these underlying conditions and attempt to correct them. Substance abuse and mental health are complicated issues. Because they often interact with and impact each other. If you have a mental health issue and you leave it untreated, then your drug and alcohol addiction might also get worse.

Additionally, if you continue abusing alcohol and other drugs, your mental health problems might also increase. Mental health treatment at dual diagnosis rehabilitation facilities is designed to provide comprehensive services. Dual diagnosis programs are best able to correct both substance abuse and mental health problems.

Mental Health And Substance Abuse Services

People with both mental health and substance abuse issues take varying routes to complete recovery. Your prescribed mental health and substance abuse treatments should cater to you. With special attention focused on your particular mental health condition and drug addiction. Ensure your treatment plan is set up to address your unique needs by asking for the details.

If you have a behavioral health problem, in particular, the most ideal approach is often to introduce a combination of medication, counseling, and therapy. Additional supportive treatments like therapy and case management may also be important in promoting your recovery and long-term health by effectively treating your mental health issue and, concurrently, dissipating your drug and alcohol addiction and dependence.

What’s We Level Up Fort Lauderdale Florida Rehab Location Like?

Fort Lauderdale Rehab in Broward County Florida Map

End Addiction & Emotional Pain

While addiction & mental health programs do not come in a one-size-fits-all treatment plan, We Level Up can accommodate your personalized recovery therapy. Your treatment should vary based on your needs and take into account the substance you’re abusing. Offering multiple levels of care along with personalized mental health treatment we’re able to treat clients even with the most severe addiction and mental health cases. 

We Level Up Rehab Address in Fort Lauderdale

Address: 8290 N University Drive Tamarac, FL 33321 

Phone: (954) 420-6627

Tour We Level Up’s Top-notch Fort Lauderdale FL Rehab

First Class Fort-Lauderdale Rehab for Addiction, Medical Detox & Mental Health Treatment

Our Tamarac area Fort Lauderdale Rehab in Florida provides a comprehensive dual-diagnosis treatment that treats both the mental health illness and substance abuse that clients suffer from. When treating for co-occurring diagnosis clients are better able to achieve sustainable long-term recovery. In many instances, it is the emotional trauma, stress, depression, and other behavioral issues that bring about drug and alcohol abuse to cover the mental health distress. Clients often over-medicate to depress their feeling and emotional suffering through drug and alcohol use.

At We Level Up’s Fort Lauderdale rehab we treat more than drug or alcohol addiction but provide primary and stand-alone mental health care as well. Our programs are comprehensive treating the entire client from depression to anxiety to addiction. The private and tranquil environment in Fort Lauderdale along with a deeply committed treatment team will help take one’s insecurities in going to rehab. Make this your opportunity to get help now. Come tour We Level Up Fort Lauderdale and see yourself why We Level Up can be your best choice for long-term recovery.