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AA Meetings in Miami FL & NA Meetings Locations

If you want to attend NA or AA meetings, Miami Beach offers a number of possibilities. You might be able to find the assistance you need by going to NA or AA meetings in Miami, Florida. To discover the AA and NA meetings in your area that best suit your requirements, browse our location lists. Call our toll-free drug abuse hotline if you need assistance.

AA Meetings Miami FL

Anyone who is recovering or considering recovery is welcome to join group support organizations like AA meetings in Miami FL. The 12 Steps are meant to encourage recovering alcoholics and addicts to consider their actions and take ownership of them. By doing this, individuals can identify the underlying factors and motivators behind their substance use and finally get the long-term support they need to beat it. The 12 Steps approach for drug and alcohol misuse is widely used in conjunction with conventional behavioral and medication-assisted treatment programs.

NA Meetings Miami Beach FL

Many people have successfully overcome their addiction thanks to Narcotics Anonymous‘ twelve steps. Recovery is possible if the guidance offered by Alcoholics Anonymous is followed. Narcotics Anonymous sessions have been conducted every week since 1953. The traditions of this group are similar to those of Alcoholics Anonymous. Both teams adhere to guidelines that aid in rewiring negative reactions to life’s challenges.

Benefits of participating in AA Miami meetings and or NA meetings Miami FL may include:

  • Feeling less lonely, isolated, or judged
  • Relieving stress, depression, anxiety, or fatigue
  • Talking openly and honestly about your feelings
  • Improving skills to cope with challenges
  • Staying motivated to manage chronic conditions or stick to treatment plans
  • Acquiring a sense of empowerment, control, or hope
  • Enhancing understanding of disease (alcohol or drug use disorder) and your own experience with it
  • Getting practical feedback about treatment options
  • Learning about health, economic or social resources
aa meetings miami
The main goal of the AA meetings in Miami is to assist alcoholics and drug addicts in achieving recovery.

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AA Meetings Miami Beach, Florida

Alcoholics Anonymous is a place where people can get help for their drug and alcohol addictions. These group activities are beneficial in many ways, including helping you heal and resume your regular activities. They take place every day at various times and places across America and even abroad.

At the AA Meetings in Miami, you can encounter sympathetic people in the normally solitary fight against addiction. Peers in Alcoholics Anonymous are conscious of the potential effects that modifying our environment may have on our ability to make decisions throughout rehabilitation.

AA groups try to create a community rather than concentrating just on rewarding actions while disregarding detrimental effects like guilt or dread. as a result of joining AA Meetings in Miami, you may always count on a helping hand from a group in your community, making recovery less solitary.

AA Meetings in Miami are open to everyone, regardless of where they received their treatment. You must remain dedicated to improving yourself and look for a support system. Peer pressure and the desire to use drugs and/or alcohol make it challenging to stay sober. Attending nearby AA Meetings in Miami can help you keep from reverting to your old routines.

AA Meetings Boca Raton
Source: Alcohol Facts and Statistics – National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism [2]

Finding AA Meetings in Miami Near Me

When searching online for AA Meetings in Miami or Al Anon Miami FL meetings, there are a few important things to keep in mind. For instance, there are numerous times and locations where AA meetings may be found, including churches, homes, and community centers. You might also want to be aware of the following details before attending AA meetings in Miami FL (or anywhere else):

  • The size of the support group that meets
  • Whether the group is coeducational (available to both men and women) or gender-specific
  • Who the group leader is and how will the meeting be conducted
  • Whether smoking is allowed

AA Meetings in Miami FL Location List

Local AA meetings in Miami FL, Florida locations:

La Gran Manzana
Spanish Speaking AA Meeting, Wheelchair Access
1.73 miles from the center of Miami Beach, FL

All Together
Lambda Miami Dade
AA AA Discussion Meeting Meeting, Gay, AA Newcomer / Beginner’s Meeting, Open Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting, Wheelchair Access
3.5 miles from the center of Miami Beach, FL

The Miami Group
First Presbyterian Ch.
Open Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting, Speaker Meeting, Wheelchair Access
4.62 miles from the center of Miami Beach, FL

Downtown (Meeting currently Suspended)
MetroDade Flag Bdg
AA AA Discussion Meeting Meeting, Open Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting, Wheelchair Access
4.65 miles from the center of Miami Beach, FL

Spanish Speaking AA Meeting
1.22 miles from the center of Miami, FL

Principles Group
Principles Group
Closed Meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous, AA AA Discussion Meeting Meeting, Step Study Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting, Wheelchair Access
3.26 miles from the center of Miami Beach, FL

Little River Group
Little River Club
AA AA Discussion Meeting Meeting, Open Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting, Wheelchair Access
4.15 miles from the center of Miami Beach, FL

Brickell Circle
First Presbyterian Ch.
Big Book AA Meeting, AA AA Discussion Meeting Meeting, Open Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting, Wheelchair Access
4.62 miles from the center of Miami Beach, FL

St. John Vianney Seminary
Step Study Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting, Wheelchair Access
1.22 miles from the center of Miami, FL

Hablame de Ti
Hablame de ti
Spanish Speaking AA Meeting
1.22 miles from the center of Miami, FL

On the website of Alcoholics Anonymous, you can find more meeting places. The main source for Al Anon Miami Beach meetings is Memberships at AA meetings in Miami and Al Anon meetings Miami Florida are free. During the meeting, an AA group will typically take up a collection to pay for ongoing costs like rent, coffee, etc. All members are welcome to give as much or as little as they like to this collection.

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NA Meetings Miami FL

Narcotics Anonymous, or “NA,” is a nonprofit fellowship or community of people for whom drugs have become a problem. This is a program that calls for full abstinence from all drugs. Narcotics Anonymous is a worldwide, nonprofit fellowship with meetings in 143 countries every week that was founded in 1953. The desire to stop using is the sole prerequisite for membership.

Unless you additionally require any reading materials, attending these sessions is free. Various NA meetings might be held nearby. If help is needed, there are plenty of options even if you don’t know anyone there. Just be ready to discuss what occurred or your course of action in an open manner. Attending NA Meetings South Miami is free! Despite not being required for membership, material costs, such as those for books or periodicals, are not reimbursed. Anyone interested is therefore welcome to join NA Meetings North Miami whenever they like.

Fortunately, there are many different NA Meetings Miami Beach. NA Meetings Miami FL can save your life if you’re just beginning your recovery or if you need more help after finishing treatment for substances like opioids, heroin, and cocaine. The NA Meetings Miami FL could help you keep things under control so that relapse is not an option!

Finding NA Miami Meetings Near Me

Every member of NA can follow and apply the program’s set of simple principles to their daily life. Narcotics Anonymous meetings in Miami are open to everyone, just like AA meetings are.

If you search online for NA meetings in Miami FL, you may come across various locations. The meetings will differ in terms of venue, participants, and group sponsors or leaders. The stage of your recovery should also be taken into account when selecting NA meetings. Some NA meetings in Miami can be more appropriate for people who have already finished receiving substance abuse treatment, while others are designed for people who are just beginning their journey toward recovery.

AA Meetings Boca Raton
Narcotics Anonymous is a fellowship of individuals learning to live without drugs. 

NA Meetings Miami FL

Local NA meetings Miami FL locations:

NA Meeting – Rivermont House
Rivermont House
Open Format Varies
0.4 miles from the center of Miami, FL

NA Meeting – New Arena Square Apartments
New Arena Square Apartments
Open Discussion/Participation Literature Study
1.05 miles from the center of Miami, FL

NA Meeting – Union Grove Missionary Baptist Church
Union Grove Missionary Baptist Church
Open Discussion/Participation
3.46 miles from the center of Miami, FL

NA Meeting – Little River Club
Little River Club
Open Step Study Speaker Discussion/Participation
4.7 miles from the center of Miami, FL

NA Meeting – Miami Shores Presbyterian Church
Miami Shores Presbyterian Church
Open Format Varies
5.72 miles from the center of Miami, FL

NA Meeting – Miami VA Hospital
Miami VA Hospital
Open Discussion/Participation Tradition Study
0.64 miles from the center of Miami, FL

NA Meeting – Saint Mathew’s Free Will Baptist Church
Saint Mathew’s Free Will Baptist Church
Open Discussion/Participation Format Varies
1.58 miles from the center of Miami, FL

NA Meeting – Saint James Baptist Church
Saint James Baptist Church
Closed Speaker Just for Today’s Study
3.58 miles from the center of Miami, FL

NA Meeting – Enhanced Healing Wellness Center
Enhanced Healing Wellness Center
Open Speaker Topic Discussion
4.86 miles from the center of Miami, FL

NA Meeting – South Miami Lutheran Church
South Miami Lutheran Church
Open Discussion/Participation
7.42 miles from the center of Miami, FL

You may also search for NA meetings in Miami through the Narcotics Anonymous website

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The Twelve Steps won’t magically cure your want to use drugs or drink alcohol. Even decades after their complete recovery, many former alcoholics or addicts still experience cravings. Members of Miami AA meetings and NA are urged to carry out this approach repeatedly for an enduring recovery. Even after completing the 12 steps several times, the need to use alcohol and drugs may still exist. It is very advised to seek additional alcohol and drug addiction treatment in situations like this.

We Level Up, for example, offers 12-step group meetings held on-site. This makes it simple to receive additional therapy in one spot. Our committed team will be there for you every step of the way as you recover from addiction, from individual therapy to alcohol detox. Get in touch with us to find out how you can sign up for the We Level Up Lake 12 Steps program right away.

If you or a loved one needs assistance, ask for it. People in recovery or experts in the field of addiction recognize your need for help. Are you looking for information on where to find AA meetings in Miami? To find out more, get in touch with one of our experts in addiction counseling. Find below a list of our well-liked We Level Up drug and alcohol treatment facilities.

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