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healthy relationships

Maintain Boundaries

Learning to Set and Maintain Boundaries

Set and Maintain Boundaries Setting healthy boundaries is an important first step in your recovery, but can sometimes be awkward and uncomfortable. We first need to get familiar with what boundaries are and which ones are important to you. Boundaries are the physical, emotional, and mental rules and limits you set for yourself and others. This set of rules should be established at the beginning of each relationship to ensure understanding.  The foundation of these boundaries comes from respect, for yourself and for others. You must first learn to respect yourself on this journey before you can expect someone to do the same for you. In time, once this respect is established, your relationships will grow and flourish. These healthy relationships will help motivate you on your journey through recovery, maintain boundaries is just one part to build a strong relation with your relatives, based on respect and confidence. Boundaries Tell Others How You Want to Be Treated When beginning to create the boundaries that best suit your needs in the recovery process, you must first know your ‘why’. Identify which values are most important to you, and the principles you have used everyday throughout your life.  Whether these values…