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Sober Holiday Season: 6 Tips to Get Through it

Overcoming an addiction can be difficult. However, many people find that staying sober is even more difficult. Many people are tempted to use substances during the holidays. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do in order to stay on course during your first sober holiday season. 1. Commitment to a Sober Holiday You’ve already made a commitment to stay sober, but dedicate some time to reinforcing that commitment to yourself during this time. Everything starts with the mind, and repetition and rewards will continue to program you to stay on a positive track. Make a promise to yourself to stay sober through the holidays, and think of a healthy reward for when you do. 2. Sober Holiday allow us to Feel the Joy of the Season The holiday season is something to be excited about. You don’t need to have substances to enjoy this time. Begin to think about all of the foods that you can enjoy, and how incredible it will feel to enjoy the celebrations without a hangover, side effects, pain, and regrets. If you think about all of the benefits of staying sober during the holidays, then it can be a lot easier for you…