Harmful Effects Of Dabbing

What is Dabbing? Dabbing is the process[1] of using a form of the drug called a “dab,” which is a small amount of cannabis extract (primarily butane hash oil). Dabbing can be more dangerous than other forms of cannabis use, which makes this growing trend… Read More »Harmful Effects Of Dabbing

Substance Abuse Treatment

What is Substance Abuse?  Alcoholism and drug dependence, and addiction, known as substance use disorders, are complex problems. People with these disorders once were thought to have a character defect or moral weakness; some people mistakenly still believe that. However, most scientists and medical researchers… Read More »Substance Abuse Treatment

Mental Illness Awareness Week

An Incredible 51.5 million Adults or 20% Suffer from Mental Ailments Mental illnesses are common in the U.S. In 2019, 51.5 million adults (20% of the U.S. population) experienced some form of mental illness. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, these numbers have only worsened.  Mental illnesses include many distinct conditions… Read More »Mental Illness Awareness Week

Meth Mouth

What Is Meth Mouth? Meth mouth is the tooth decay and poor dental strength that typically occur when someone is addicted to meth or methamphetamines. Meth mouth has been dubbed a “dentist’s worst nightmare” and is the result of a merger of “acidic tooth decay… Read More »Meth Mouth

Crystal Meth Addiction

What Is Crystal Meth? Crystal meth (also known as “crystal,” “ice,” “glass,” and “tina”) is a common form of methamphetamine, a highly addictive stimulant that affects the brain and the central nervous system. As with the powdered form, users of crystal meth are drawn to… Read More »Crystal Meth Addiction

Diagnosing Drug Addiction

About Diagnosing Drug Addiction Diagnosing a drug addiction requires evaluation by a medical or mental health professional. A thorough diagnosis often includes assessment by multiple professionals, such as a general practitioner, psychiatrist, and psychologist. In addition, individuals should undergo evaluation and testing for drug addiction… Read More »Diagnosing Drug Addiction

Tamarac Team

Your recovery success is our mission. Get your life and future back!  While we make our best efforts to keep our Tamarac treatment team’s page updated, please know staffing at each facility is subject to change. We Level Up team members may include executive or senior management… Read More »Tamarac Team