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Soma (Carisoprodol) is a muscle relaxant prescribed to relieve pain from muscle injuries. It blocks the feeling of pain from being sent to our brain via our nerves. Soma is effective in relieving pain related to injuries, but when used recreationally, it produces feelings of relaxation, sedation, and mild euphoria. It is safe to use and very effective if used as prescribed. If abused, however, can cause severe or even fatal side effects. Soma is recommended for short-term use only as prolonged use could lead to dependence and require Soma detox.

Dependence happens when your body needs the presence of a drug in your system to function normally. However, once dependence occurs, sudden stopping the use of Soma may lead to symptoms of withdrawal. Symptoms of withdrawal from Soma can be severe or even fatal hence you should not stop using it abruptly. Undergoing detox is the first step in conquering your addiction to Soma. Medical detox provides relief from withdrawal symptoms as you are constantly monitored by a medical team who will supervise your detox process and prescribe medications that would help you overcome your withdrawal.

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Symptoms of Soma Withdrawal

Soma affects the central nervous system in order to directly relax your muscles. Once our body has grown dependent on Soma, withdrawal symptoms could manifest when we suddenly stop using the substance. Someone who has grown dependent on Soma will experience withdrawal symptoms once the effects of the drug wear off.

Common symptoms of withdrawal for Soma addiction are as follows:

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Headache
  • Delirium
  • Tachycardia (increased heart rate)
  • Ataxia (loss of muscle coordination)
  • Stomach cramping
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Confusion
  • Muscle twitching
  • Tremors
  • Chills (less common)
  • Hallucinations (less common)
  • Seizures (less common)

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Soma Detox

Substance abuse may lead to any or both: a physical addiction and a psychological addiction. Suddenly quitting the use of Soma may be extremely difficult as this could cause some type of withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal may be irritating and uncomfortable but could also be fatal and severe in some cases. The dangers or severity of withdrawal may also be heightened if you have been abusing Soma together with other substances. If you have been using Soma with other substances, or have been exposed to Soma for a longer period than necessary, or have been consuming Soma in larger doses, seeking medically supervised detox is highly advised as you are likely to experience severe cases of withdrawal.

Quitting from Soma could produce symptoms such as anxiety, depression, or aggression that may linger beyond the acute withdrawal phase. A physician can help you gradually adjust your dosage in a supervised detox to make the detox process more comfortable and less intense. Additional medications may likewise be recommended to lessen the symptoms and risks of withdrawal. Aside from addressing the physical effects of Soma detox, inpatient treatment facilities have available psychologists and specialists to help you address other health concerns that you may experience during the withdrawal phase.

Soma Detox
Soma addiction can be very debilitating when someone goes “doctor shopping”. We know how to detox from Soma and any substance, our clinicians are here to help.

Safely Detoxing

Quitting on your own may be easier but withdrawal symptoms from Soma detox may be uncomfortable, and in some cases even fatal and life-threatening. The medical staff in an inpatient treatment facility can help you come up with a program to address your Soma addiction. This program is tailor-fit to your need after carefully assessing your condition and health status. Both your physical and psychological concerns will be addressed, and you will be monitored round-the-clock. Additional medication may be prescribed to provide relief to your Soma withdrawal symptoms as well as the psychological issues that may arise during this period.

You should not end your treatment after undergoing medically supervised detox. The detox process is only the start of your journey towards overcoming your Soma addiction. There are various treatments that you should undertake to ensure that you can maintain your sobriety. These programs are identified by your physician during their initial assessment of your health condition and the severity of your addiction. Aftercare may also be recommended to prevent relapse.

During your rehabilitation, the staff from your treatment facility will help you identify what caused your addiction and teach you skills that will help you change your behavior patterns and challenge the negative thoughts that led to your addiction. Sometimes, the pressures and problems in your life lead you to rely on substances to help you forget about them momentarily.

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Usual withdrawal Timeline from Soma Drug Addiction

Withdrawal symptoms from Soma abuse may last for several days or several weeks depending on the severity of your addiction and the length of your Soma abuse. Symptoms may also be mild or severe depending on the severity of a person’s dependence on Soma. Soma withdrawal may manifest various symptoms hence close monitoring of your condition by medical professionals can make your withdrawal safer.

The following is the typical withdrawal timeline for Soma detox :

12 hours up to 2 days after your last intakeSoma withdrawal symptoms initially appear after your last intake. These symptoms include insomnia, nausea, muscle twitching, anxiety, vomiting, and tremors.
12 hours up to 2 days after experiencing withdrawalWithdrawal symptoms from Soma abuse may vary in severity and duration depending on the severity of your dependence on the drug. Soma abuse with other substances like alcohol, opiates, and benzodiazepines can increase the severity and duration of your symptoms.

Treatment for Soma Addiction

As we have stated earlier, undergoing soma detox is not the only phase you need to overcome your Soma addiction. Detox is the initial phase of your recovery. Enlisting to succeeding treatments will help you further overcome your addiction and ensure a lasting recovery from Soma addiction. The longer a person stays in treatment the higher the success of the outcome. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) recommends at least 90 days of continuous addiction treatment for the best results.

Treatment for Soma detox is typically most effective when done inpatient. Inpatient treatment is more intensive and takes place in a residential facility that provides 24/7 access to medical staff. Patients stay in the facility full time for approximately 30-90 days, or even longer, depending on the severity of their addiction to Soma. This immersive treatment environment provides recovering individuals a safe place to address the physical and psychological components of their addiction, free from the stressors of their daily life that may trigger them to want to use.

Outpatient treatment takes place on a part-time basis where patients visit treatment or rehab centers to attend their sessions. It may be recommended for those with less severe addictions so that they can continue with their personal and professional lives outside of treatment. Outpatient treatment is less expensive.

A typical treatment program will likely include any of the following: 
  • Medically assisted detox: Medically supervised detox is the initial phase to your journey to addiction recovery. It usually involves gradually reducing the dosage of your Soma intake under the supervision of a physician. Depending on the severity of your addiction, detox may take place either on an outpatient basis, or in a controlled environment where you will be carefully monitored and assisted by the treatment center’s professional staff until your detox is complete.
  • Individual therapy and counseling: Engaging in Individual therapy and counseling can further help in your recovery as this phase helps you address the emotional and psychological factors contributing to your addiction.
  • Aftercare: Aftercare helps you identify triggers of your Soma addiction and provides you skills and information on how to avoid them, effectively preventing relapse.

Choosing the right program for Soma detox may be an overwhelming process. This is entirely true if this is your first time entering a rehab program. Fortunately, We Level Up can help you find the right soma detox and treatment appropriate to your situation. Our team of professional staff specializes in caring for clients requiring soma detox and further treatment to overcome their Soma addiction.  Call today to learn more. Knowing the right program for you increases your chance of overcoming your Soma addiction.

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