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College Rehab Guide

College Rehab Guide

It’s not a secret that college can be a breeding ground for alcohol and drug abuse.  So much so that it is a recognized problem in virtually all schools.  Moreover, every year, publications such as Princeton Review and Best Colleges will publish their annual “top party schools” lists. 

College Rehab Guide

College drinking and drug use are most commonly born from fraternity and sorority and related college house parties.  Excessive drinking can spill over to near-campus bars that offer dirt-cheap alcohol beverage drink specials.  Unfortunately, excessive drinking and drug use are all too common and an expected college experience for most freshmen.  What many young students don’t recognize, is that frequent excessive drinking and drug use can spiral out of control resulting in a full-blown addiction.  Sometimes, in a shortened short period of time.

College parties accompanied by heavy drinking, alcohol poisoning to party-goers passed out on the ground are now among the stereotypical college experience.  Resulting in a sharp increase in addictions and mental health disorders on college campuses. To combat the growing college campuses addiction crisis we’ve launched a new college student rehab scholarship program to help university students get the help they deserve. Get help and learn more at:

If you are ready to face your addiction and turn your life around, We Level Up can help you. We offer excellent addiction rehab treatment programs for university students. Developed by dedicated and well-trained specialists to help you overcome your addiction. You will be well supported throughout your recovery treatment with comprehensive programs at each step including:

Using a safe, secure, and private environment well suited to sobriety. When you are ready to put your addiction behind you, call us. Our specialists are standing by 24 hours to help answer your questions.

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