Kristine’s Addiction Recovery Success Story & Video

We Level Up Drug Alcohol Rehab Testimonial & Review

An inspiring & hopeful story of Sobriety Success

Here is Kristine’s personal recovery journey. Kristine is an alumnus and former client of We Level Up Addiction Treatment Center. She’s one of over ten thousand plus success stories that We Level Up’s team is proud to have supported. Please view and read below Kristine’s personal story. Take hope that you can do it too.

“Hi, My Name is Kristine. My sobriety date is 2/21/19. I attended the We Level Up treatment center of Lake Worth Florida. Making that first initial phone call was a very difficult phone call for me but I’m glad I made it. Because it allowed me to get my life back.

What was your life situation before and after joining We Level Up Treatment Centers?

When I went into the treatment center I was hopeless, lost, and full of shame. And they provided me with the tools to recover. And today I am in recovery and successful in my sobriety and I owe that to the treatment center.

How was your experience at We Level Up Treatment Centers?

The staff there were amazing. I was welcomed with open arms and they made me feel right at home. The rewards and gifts that I have gotten out of my sobriety have been to reconcile with my family. To see my grandchildren again. And to get my life back. I wouldn’t have what I have today unless I made that phone call and I am glad that I did.”

Tips for Addiction Treatment Success

  1. Get detox treatment for withdrawals. A formal drug detoxification is a critical first step and will go a long ways to helping clients stay sober.
  2. Look for a program that treats the Whole Person. Addictions and life stresses and underlying dual diagnosis mental health issues go hand in hand. Find a provider with dual diagnosis treament.
  3. Professional treatment centers should provide feedback on the best treatment options for your circumstances. Before you join a program, call and discuss what’s right for your addiction treatment…
  4. Commit to learning. Focusing on the consequences of drug use may not be as glamorous as therapy but it can be meaningful if you give it a chance.

You Can Do It Too

Addiction Recovery Success Story

Find Hope. Get Sober, live better, and feel your best. Join We Level Up addiction and mental health centers today. You’ll find a warm and inviting community. Our drug, alcohol, and mental health specialists’ mission is your recovery success.

They can lead and guide you at each step to becoming another We Level Up treatment center recovery success story.

Call now, while you are still motivated to change your life. Recovery specialists are standing by 24 hours to provide the help you deserve.

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