Becoming Your Best Self in 5 Steps

Becoming your best self can be challenging. Taking steps to improve your mental well-being and pursue self-improvement can help you achieve your goals and live your best life.

5 Steps to Becoming Your Best Self

Becoming your best self starts with taking steps to fulfill your goals for mental health and wellness. When you take the time for self-care and personal growth, you’re able to be a better friend, parent, employee, and best of all, the best version of yourself. We’ve collected 5 healthy habits that can help you on your way to battling addiction and improving your mental wellness. 

Protect Your Physical Health

There is a connection between your mental health and your physical health. When you are overtired, eating poorly, and not taking care of your physical self, your mental focus and emotional control suffer, too. Eating a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, and avoiding drinking and smoking can help your body feel better and improve your state of mind. 

When you are physically healthy, it’s easier to follow the rest of these habits, battle addiction in your life, and achieve personal growth. 

Becoming Your Best Self and stay well

Take Time to Meditate

Meditation is a habit that takes time to master, but the benefits of regular meditation produce a calming effect that can last your full day. If you are new to meditation, there are guided programs that help you relax, learn to focus, and remove yourself from the hecticness of daily life. 

Try New Things

Mental and physical health place you in a better position to pursue your dreams and try new things. Part of becoming your best self is stepping out of your comfort zone and meeting new people or engaging in an activity you’ve always wanted to try. 

When you try new things or learn a new skill, you’re learning the value of self-discipline and enjoy the feeling of challenging yourself. 

Remember Gratitude

It’s easy to think about all the negative things in your life, about failures, and about things you wish you had. Envy and regret are the enemies of your best self, and can quickly take a big toll on your mental health. 

Instead of dwelling on how you’ve been wronged in the past or things you haven’t achieved, take time to be grateful for everything you do have. The regular practice of gratitude helps you appreciate what you do have and opens your mind t generosity to others. Take time each morning to think of three things you are grateful for, even small things such as being able to walk unassisted or the sun shining through your window. 

Discover Ways to Motivate Yourself

Sticking to healthy habits must come from internal motivation. While you may wish to pursue self-improvement in order to conquer addiction, or because you feel others expect it of you, the truth is that habits won’t stick unless you have an internal reason to keep them up. 

Reflect on your dreams and your goals for yourself, and envision what you’d like your best self to look like. Use this desire for self-care to keep you motivated through the difficulty of changing your habits for the better. 

Becoming Your Best Self

Start small – these habits can take just a few minutes each day, but practicing each one will give you an overall sense of better mental wellbeing and help you discover more about yourself and your values. Taking the time for self-care and self-love allows you to love others more and become your best self. 

Do you need help?

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