New Drug Overdose Record

New Record High Average of almost 2000 Drug Overdose Deaths per Week Overdose deaths due to substance abuse soared a whopping 29% to a new all-time high. In 2020 over 93,000 Americans passed away as a result of the ongoing drug overdose epidemic. Incredibly the number of people succumbing to addiction overdose and dying has […]

New Record Drug Overdose Deaths per CDC

New Record High Average of almost 2000 Drug Overdose Deaths per Week

Overdose deaths due to substance abuse soared a whopping 29% to a new all-time high. In 2020 over 93,000 Americans passed away as a result of the ongoing drug overdose epidemic. Incredibly the number of people succumbing to addiction overdose and dying has increased by over 21,000 versus the prior year. According to the Center for Disease Control National Center for Health Statistics data, an average of just over 250 people passed away due to a drug overdose each day. A leap above the prior 198 level just 12 months prior. Most troubling since 1999 drug overdoses have zoomed up by a staggering 450%

Ten-Fold Spike in Drug Overdose Deaths is Unacceptable

The spike in overdoses is the largest since 2016. By comparison and for context the CDC reported less than 7,200 overdose deaths in the heroin epidemic of 1970. And only 9,000 fatal overdoses in the pinnacle highs of the crack cocaine epidemic of 1988.

“A ten-fold increase from those earlier years coupled with new all-time record setting highs is incredibly troubling. This is an unacceptable and unimaginable loss. Devastating so many of our communities. We’re seeing overdose victims come from and reach into every level of society. The deadly impact is staggering. We all have an obligation to assist our communities, to get them real help and fast.

Our centers are running at close to capacity but we can still help more families and their loved ones get the help they deserve. We’ve always provided complemetary client family progams. We’re sensitive financial hardships and offer clients afforable monthly payment plans. We are looking to expand the hardship program availability. And offer college student rehab through the HOPE scholarship program for university students.” Said Ryan Zofay, founder of We Level Up Drug Treatment Center.

“This is an unacceptable and unimaginable loss” – Ryan Zofay, founder We Level Up and The Level Up Series

12 Month-ending Provisional Drug Overdose Deaths – CDC Chart

Drug Overdose Record Highs
In 2020 over 93,000 Americans passed away from a drug overdose – source:

Addiction Overdose Victims counts by State

Table 1. Completeness of 12-month ending provisional counts of drug overdose deaths relative to final counts from 2019 after six month lag, by reporting jurisdiction and ending the month

Reporting jurisdictionJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec
United States99.29998.898.898.698.698.698.698.698.498.398.8
District of Columbia10010098.995.710099.610097.198.899.6100100
New Hampshire6.921.750.676.79710095.894.291.910097.4100
New Jersey90.193.292.391.494.894.891.397.596.597.497.398.6
New Mexico86.296.684.192.19190.297.796.495.89597.198.8
New York176.884.580.379.579.281.380.186.386.281.569.775.9
New York City97.39595.198.195.999.710099.498.999.299.989.2
North Carolina74.974.172.474.371.572.979.366.259.654.863.275.2
North Dakota10010010092.210010094.498.2100100100100
Rhode Island10097100100100100100100100100100100
South Carolina90.597.395.192.288.797.993.2949790.790.196.6
South Dakota7510010010010098.9100100100100100100
West Virginia73.778.283.782.975.187.49392.689.983.786.484.5
SOURCE: NCHS, National Vital Statistics System.

COVID Impact on Drug Overdoses

Without a doubt, COVID’s fingerprints can be traced back to some of the root causes of the uptick we’re seeing in addiction overdoses and its suffering. Coronavirus shutdowns, related restrictions, resulting isolation, and lack of social support and interaction all contributed. But, perhaps much of the record-setting drug overdoses we’re now seeing can be correlated to the rise in Fentanyl drug abuse.

Staggering Drug Overdose Death Rates Increase over 50% in Some States

A limited number of states saw an incredible uptick in overdose deaths like Kentucky. Whose overdose victims rose by an unbelievable 54 percent vs. the prior year. That is up more than 2,100, vs. just under 1,400 the prior year. Large increases were also registered in South Carolina, West Virginia, and even in California. Vermont recorded the biggest increase equating to a whopping 58 percent. However, VT populations and overdose victims total much less, rising to 186 overdose victims vs. 118.

Contaiminated Poisonous Illicit Drug Use

Many experts report what’s happening to drive the drug overdose scrouge is the contamination of abused drugs. The availability of fentanyl, its powerful effects, and how cheap it is to cut heroin, meth, and cocaine, and perhaps other drugs are likely big culprits. We already know that fentanyl and the contamination it brings to other addictive drugs are made, sold, and shipped to Americans from China. What’s worse is that China has seemingly allowed the proliferation of fentanyl. This is yet another reason experts do not see any likelihood of real change in overdose deaths for the remainder of the current year.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reviewed death certificates to service the total drug overdose deaths.


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