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How to Get Better Habits?

How to Get Better Habits, its power and why you should break old habits You only get one life. Unfortunately, so many people get stuck on the bigger picture of what they want to do in their entire lifetime, become overwhelmed, and quit. Instead of looking at the larger picture of everything you’d like to… 

How to Get Better Habits, its power and why you should break old habits

You only get one life. Unfortunately, so many people get stuck on the bigger picture of what they want to do in their entire lifetime, become overwhelmed, and quit. Instead of looking at the larger picture of everything you’d like to accomplish within your life’s journey, take a second to step back and break it all down. When you break down the details of your dreams, you’ll see that your dreams are achievable, but how to get better habits?

Granted, some dreams might take longer than others. However, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. The way you spend each day is the secret sauce. By taking full advantage of the 24 hours in front of you, you can make things happen. Essentially, accomplishing your dreams boils down to one thing: How to Get Better Habits?

Your habits are your daily rituals.

They’re the things that will either set you back or set you up for success. There’s a number of reasons why habits are so essential to the bigger picture.

One of the first ways your habits can change your life is because implementing good habits allows you to make sustainable, long-lasting behavioral transformations. While there are people who can go “cold turkey” in breaking bad habits, that’s not the case for everyone. For many people, it’s one thing to lose 20 pounds by the summer. Unfortunately, by the time the following New Year rolls around, they’ve gained those 20 pounds back and more. This is because they weren’t necessarily focused on changing their behaviors for the long haul. They were focused on meeting that short-term goal.

So, they cut out the carbs, sugar, and alcohol for ten weeks. They focused on eating clean, exercising for two hours a day, and they dropped the weight. However, once they reached their goal, they left the lifestyle behind because it wasn’t sustainable. The only reason why it wasn’t sustainable was that it was too far of a shift from their instinctual behavior.

Habits are hard to break.

How to Get Better Habits?
How to Get Better Habits?

Thankfully, all hope isn’t lost. Yet, this is true for both good and bad habits. If you’d like to break a bad habit, you can. It just requires discipline, systems, and the development of a good habit. So instead of throwing all of the junk food out of the fridge, make one small change to your daily diet. Instead of reaching for that second bottle of Coke, replace it with a green smoothie. It might seem like a small, insignificant change, but your digestive system will reap the benefits. Your tastebuds will adjust to the taste. Over time, you’ll start to crave healthier foods as well.

If you’d like to wake up earlier each morning, don’t try to take a “cold turkey” approach. Focus on small, gradual changes over time. For the first week, wake up 15 minutes earlier than you normally do. Each week, move up the time to 15 more minutes until you’re waking up at the time you desire. As you feel the impact of those small changes over time, your mind and body will adjust to the difference until it becomes instinctual.

Why should we form habits that change our life?

Habits aren’t solely about accomplishing small goals a day at a time. No, they’re actually about creating systems that you can rely on. When you build systems, rituals, and routines that feel instinctual, you’ll sink into them. Even on days when you don’t really feel like doing what you’re supposed to do, it’s easier to just get things done because as nature would have it, most people are creatures of habit.

Habits can also change your life because when you’re able to stick with them and see your life transform, it’s an addictive experience. It empowers you to see how else you can completely improve and change your life. This is one of the reasons why a personal development ritual is essential for a person who desires growth, improvement, and abundance in their life.

The power of habit coaching for life change.

When you’re able to invest in a personal development coach, they’ll help you fine-tune your current routines, habits, and systems. It’s often stated that you can’t see the picture when you’re in the frame. Motivational speaker Les Brown once stated that the thinking that got you to where you are won’t be the thinking that takes you to the next level.

By investing in a great coaching program, you’ll get the benefit of a professional eye. Even if your coaching results in making a change to your habitual nature that shifts the needle 1% each day, that’s a 37% jump by the end of a calendar year. This is an excellent return on investment because you’re actively investing in making yourself a better person.

Habits hold the power to change your life because they serve as a form of compound interest. This works in both directions. If you’re used to drinking 50 grams of sugar in your morning coffee, you’re developing a ritual that will lead to chronic diseases like diabetes. If you focus on drinking an unsweetened beverage or an appropriate amount of sugar in your morning drink, you’ll develop a ritual that leads to optimal health and wellness.

Will you change your life by reading personal development books every day for a year? You can. However, if you don’t make it something you do continuously, you’ll forget about the knowledge in the following years. It’s better to read a few pages or a few chapters every single day. You’ll absorb the knowledge, develop a non-negotiable routine around enriching your mind, and actually apply the knowledge you gain.

By developing excellent habits, you’ll seize the day as you seize your life. The days make up your life. When you want to play the long game and maintain sustainable, long-lasting success, focus on mastery of the 24 hours in front of you. Have questions? Give our team a call.