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Alumni Team for IFRAME

Alumni Team for IFRAME

Katie Dalo-Cousins
Alumni Director

Katie has a Bachelors Degree in Education and Psychology and a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work, where her focus was predominantly on the cycle of trauma within family systems. She is also a Certified Life Coach.

Katie has been working in the mental/behavioral health field for twelve years and has taken on many roles when working with individuals in recovery. Her experience ranges from an admissions counselor, case manager, aftercare coordinator, and primary therapist to the National Director of Alumni Services for two additional behavioral health organizations.

Katie has a personal stake in the addiction field, as she has lost many family members to the disease of addiction and feels that individuals that work towards an authentic life in recovery are some of the most courageous people that thrive in our world.  She is a passionate and enthusiastic professional that loves to empower those that may need someone to walk with them on their journey and she is compelled to reduce the uneducated stigma of addiction in our country.

Katie loves to spend time with her family; her husband, two young sons, and two pit bulls, she is a collegiate athlete and never passes up going on new adventures!

Work Cell Phone Number: 954.832.5336


Farah Gutierrez
Alumni Coordinator

My name is Farah Gutierrez, I am originally from Stoughton Mass, and I moved to south Florida in 2009. I started working in the substance use and mental health field as a behavioral health technician 4 years ago because I wanted to make a difference in people's lives.  Over time,  I grew slowly from behavioral health tech to a supervisor and then moved to the Director of Operations role at a Florida-based detox/residential.  I learned quickly that I wanted to be more involved in directly impacting the patients’ lives, so I moved into the alumni/outreach department. I am now providing direct services to our patients on a daily basis in the forms of check-in, support, crisis intervention, and coordinating alumni meetings and events.

I am currently working on my CAC to gain more knowledge and insight into the disease of addiction and I plan on continuing my work in this field, long-term, in order to break the stigma. My goal is to show our patients the importance and the power of community, that they are not alone, how to make new healthy, long-term relationships, and to aid in repairing old ones that may have been damaged.

I love doing what I do because I thrive on seeing and hearing our alumni's progress.  I am proud of the ways they are helping other people and I am constantly reminded of how what we do makes a difference in not only their lives but all those they touch as well.

Farah’s title is Alumni Coordinator; Florida region

Work cell: 954.892.0985


Nicole Baxter
Alumni Coordinator

Nicole is a dedicated and passionate member of our We Level Up team and works as one of our Alumni Coordinators. She has previous experience as a Peer Mentor and uses her knowledge of addiction recovery to create long-lasting relationships with patients and their families. Her motivation stems from her desire to make an extraordinary impact, conquering addiction one patient and family at a time. Nicole helps with coordinating all activities related to facility-specific alumni and family support, maintaining the alumni database including family contacts, and communicating with alumni regularly via zoom, phone, and email.