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Support Groups For Family Of Addicts


Welcome to the We Level Up Treatment Centers Family Support Program. You will find Free client support groups for family of addicts plus family support for mental health patients.

Welcome to the We Level Up Treatment Centers Family Support Program

Hello & Welcome,

We’re pleased to support client families like you with education & resources related to your loved one’s treatment.  Please join us on social media and via live zoom calls for updates and encouragement!

We Level Up Support Client Groups For Family Of Addicts plus Family Support For Mental Health Patients Programs

Facebook: Navigating Addiction with We Level Up (private group)  

Instagram: @navigating.addiction

Here is the Zoom schedule:

***Recurring Zoom meeting with same meeting ID.*** 
Monday – 7:30 PM EST
Tuesday – 5:30 PM EST
Wednesday – 8:00 PM EST

Join Zoom Meeting at:

Meeting link and ID: please contact us for your meeting ID passcode.

We Level Up provides support groups for families of addicts plus family support for mental health patients
We Level Up provides free client support groups for families of addicts plus family support for mental health patients. If your loved one is a client please connect with us to attend online family support programs.

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Support groups for family of addicts can be vital to recovery success. Together with client families, We Level Up advocates and families draw from personal experience and each other,  strength, and hope to support us through a unique and stressful journey.

Professionally Led Support Groups For Family Members Of Addicts

Client families are guided by Stacy Murphy DNP RN.  She is the humble grateful mother of a daughter with 10 years clean. She is also the child of alcoholic parents. She was addicted to her daughter’s addiction and subsequently studied how addiction impacts families for 3 years resulting in a doctorate establishing how caregivers experience enormous stress & strain as a result of their loved one’s addiction. Dr. Murphy DNP RN and her team including We Level Up provide family support for mental health patients. Because substance abuse is often linked to and is part of a mental health disorder. Dual diagnosis therapy from support groups for family members of addicts to family support for mental health patients is important on the path to recovery.

Georgia Melita helps lead support groups for family of addicts, is a recovered alcoholic with years of experience in alcohol and substance abuse treatment. As a young person in recovery, she uses her experiences, education, and passion for sobriety to guide others who battle the disease of addiction. Georgia believes that addiction is a family disease and as such the family must also receive support and education.

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Online Meetings For Support Groups For Family Of Addicts & Family Support For Mental Health Patients

Navigating Addiction offers online Zoom meetings to family members. Our meetings are interactive, and we love it when families participate.  We also understand if you choose just to listen and learn!

We believe that there is not one right way to love someone with substance use and or mental health disorders.  We believe that 12-step programs are just one of many options for families.

There is no judgment here; we are all here to learn from each other.  Here is what you can expect moving forward:

Navigating Addiction Zoom meetings provide education, support, and quality content to you:

  • Monday 7:30pm – 8:30pm EST,
  • Tuesday 5:30pm – 6:30pm EST, and
  • Wednesday 8:00pm-9:00pm EST.  

We would love to support you on us for all client family members!

Family members affected by a loved one’s substance use disorder often lose themselves in the chaos of their loved one’s addiction. Consequently, it is imperative that the family member receive therapeutic services independent of their loved one. Therefore, your loved one will not be participating in these Zoom meetings.

Our meeting content ranges from codependency, boundary setting, guest speakers, and introduction to 12-step programs. Each meeting focuses on a different topic.

Your loved one’s therapist will call to connect and provide you with education and tools to assist you on your journey in this process. 

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Our highest intention is to guide patients to a path of healing, and encourage them to complete the program and live a life of recovery. Sometimes that will mean they chose to do that without you. Although we always strongly encourage family involvement and support, ultimately, we must respect where your loved one is in their healing journey. Therefore, the next step is so important…

Encouragement and guidance in finding and attending local or virtual support groups. We cannot express to you enough how important Al-Anon, Nar-Anon, and CoDA are. Your loved one will be encouraged to attend Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, CoDA, or other self-help support groups. Although you may not have an addiction you are affected by the disease and learning the tools necessary to set healthy boundaries, detach with love, release the victim perception, become empowered, and find your own serenity.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.  With so much respect and hope,

Stacy and Georgia

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Social Media Support Groups For Family Of Addicts & Family Support For Mental Health Patients

Facebook: Navigating Addiction with We Level Up (private group)  

Instagram: @navigating.addiction

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More support groups for family of addicts plus family support for mental health patients resources can be found at: